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Lindsay* Surname DNA Project

 Register to Participate

When you Register to Participate, you are acknowledging that you have read the material provided regarding DNA testing and the LINDSAY Surname DNA Project and you now wish to express your  intent to participate.  Submitting the e-mailed Registration statement does not constitute a commitment on your part.  Your commitment comes when you order and make payment for your DNA Sample Kit from the recommended laboratory.

You will also be acknowledging that you understand that your specific DNA results, along with the composite group of all Lindsay participants, referenced with a uniquely assigned Kit number with your specific surname spelling such as Lindsay, Lindsey, etc will be published at the FTDNA web site.

If you should match one or more of the other Lindsay participants, with at least a 39 out of the 43 markers (no more than four mismatches), your DNA marker data will also be organized with that particular DNA Grouping, at the FTDNA web site.

Check out the Orthography page at the Lindsay International web site for the various acceptable spellings of the Lindsay surname. 

If you concur with the General Project Guidelines and meet the requirements of the Specific Rules of Participation and want to express your intent to participate in this project, please click on Ron Lindsay and send me an e-mail with the following information.   Please place "Registration International Lindsay Surname DNA Project" in the subject line of your e-mail.  The information in the body of the e-mail should include the following (copy & paste the seven items below into your e-mail and then fill in the content).

  1. Your full name:

  2.  E-mail address:

  3. Street Address:

  4. City/State/Postal Zip Code:

  5. Country:

  6. Telephone Number:

  7. Paternal Lindsay Genealogical Information:

In the Lindsay Genealogical Information (item #7 above) please provide the minimum (as many generations as possible is encouraged) three generations (yourself, your father & your paternal grandfather) of your paternal male lineage, including full name, date and place of birth, date & place of death (if applicable).  This genealogical information is essential in our attempt to determine intersect points if any of the tested Lindsay lineages share a common ancestor.   None of this genealogical information will be provided to the testing laboratory, unless you choose to deposit your genealogical data at the FTDNA web site.

Your e-mail to me provides your Registration and intent to participate in the International Lindsay Surname DNA Project.

Shortly after the participant has submitted his Registration information and the minimum required genealogical information, to the Project Administrator, the Project Administrator will acknowledge receipt of your registration and advise you of any additional information needed for you to participate in the International Lindsay Surname DNA Project and provide you with all that is needed to order your DNA Sample Kit along with complete instructions.  Your actual commitment to this project will not occur until you have ordered your DNA Sample Kit from the FTDNA laboratory.

My very best regards.

Ron Lindsay E-Mail


* It has been established that the use of the Lindsay surname, on this form and throughout this web site, implies all the accepted spellings of the surname found in the site Orthography section.  

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