Lindsay Migrations
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Lindsay Emigrants
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Ronald Gerald Lindsay


Lindsay Migrations

The primary purpose of this section of the Lindsay International web site is to assist in the discovery of the "immigrant ancestors" for those Lindsay lineages which have evolved in all the countries of the world.

There are specific times and many reasons for the massive migration of many Scots who left their Scottish homeland (emigrants) for places such as Northern Ireland, Canada, Jamaica, United States, Australia and New Zealand (immigrants).  There were many Scots who initially migrated to Northern Ireland (Ulster Plantation) and then eventually migrated to many other countries.

There were many Lindsays (how ever spelt) who were a part of this migration to all parts of the globe.

On-going research is underway that will provide some of the details associated with these times and events and could be of some assistance to Lindsay (how ever spelled) genealogical researchers.  It will be posted as the research evolves.

The link to specific "Lindsay Emigrants" (see navigation bar at left) will provide a database of as many as possible of the known Lindsay emigrants to their eventual destinations.

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