Origin of the Lindsay Surname
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Flemish Descent of the Lindsays of Scotland
Kingdom of Lindissi

Ronald Gerald Lindsay


Origin of the Lindsay Surname

The theories pertaining to the origin of the earliest Lindsays (how ever spelled) are all based on circumstantial evidence.  However, some of these theories have more supporting documentary evidence than others.

Although the Flemish Descent of the Lindsays of Scotland currently enjoys the better documented story, there has been ardent support from early historians for a Lindsay/Lindsey surname descent from the ancient Kingdom of Lindsey/Lindissi that existed in England's Lincolnshire, in the fourth, fifth or sixth centuries of the current era.  The notion that the Lindsay surname descended from Norman ancestry has the least support with modern day historians.

If you are aware of additional theories of origin of the Lindsays as a people, please e-mail the specifics to Ron Lindsay


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