Lindsay Heraldry & Armory
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Ronald Gerald Lindsay


Lindsay Heraldry & Armory

It should be known that England, Ireland and Scotland have separate and independent organizations of Heraldry.


All heraldry in Scotland is controlled by the Court of the Lord Lyon King of Arms , commonly known as the Lyon Court, and is located at New Register House in Edinburgh, Scotland (see link directly above and at the top left margin).

In addition, The Heraldry Society of Scotland was founded in 1977 with the objective of promoting the study of heraldry and encouraging its correct use in Scotland and abroad and maintains a close liaison with The Court of the Lord Lyon.   The Heraldry Society of Scotland is providing a great public service to the global community by encouraging people to join whether they have their own arms, intend to procure arms, or have a general interest in Scottish Heraldry.   The Heraldry Society of Scotland can be contacted via the following channels. 

The Heraldry Society of Scotland
25 Craigentinny Crescent
Edinburgh, EH7 6QA
Scotland, UK 
  • Web Site:

  • Telephone:  +44 (0)131 553 2232

  • E-mail:
  • England

    The College of Arms is the official repository of the coats of arms and pedigrees of English, Welsh, Northern Irish and Commonwealth families and their descendants. It is located on Queen Victoria Street in London, England.


    The records of Ireland reside with the Office of the Chief Herald of Ireland, located on Kildare Street in Dublin, Ireland


    Armory is that science of which the rules and the laws govern the use, display, meaning, and knowledge of the pictured signs and emblems appertaining to shield, helmet or banner.  Heraldry has a wider meaning, for it comprises everything within the duties of a herald; and whilst Armory undoubtedly is Heraldry, the regulation of ceremonials and matters of pedigree, which are really also within the scope of Heraldry, most decidedly are not Armory.

    Armory relates only to the emblems and devices.  The word "Arms", like many other words in the English language, has several meanings.  Even from the heraldic point of view it may mean the entire achievement, but usually it is employed in reference to the device upon the shield only.

    An attempt will be made here to ensure that the global Lindsay community will have the necessary information to properly discuss and make use of these symbols of our Lindsay heritage, when and where they are appropriate.

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