Lindsay Badge
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The Lindsay Badge

The Crest Badge 

There is a perfectly acceptable way for those of Scottish descent who do not have their own coat of arms to have some heraldic display.  This is in the wearing of the crest from the full coat of arms of your chief in the form of a badge surrounded by a belt and buckle containing the motto of the chief.  This is akin to a military cap badge and like it, is not the personal possession of the wearer, but a badge which proclaims that person to be a member of a particular group.  The belt and buckle badge is worn as a cap badge, and it can also be seen on kilt pins and as sporran ornamentation.  All of these are acceptable forms of display.

Although the blazon could be the same, the artistry will vary with each creator of a heraldic description.  One version of the official Lindsay badge is shown in the upper left corner of this web page. This is the basic badge design that is authorized by the Chief of the Clan Lindsay for use by anyone descended from or bearing the Lindsay surname and is a derivative of the official Coat of Arms of the Earl of Crawford.

The use of the Lindsay badge, in the left side of the masthead of the pages of this web site, represents an acknowledgement of Robert Alexander Lindsay, the 29th Earl of Crawford, as the worldwide Chief of The Clan Lindsay.

If of course you know you are descended from a specific Lindsay lineage that has a different crest on the Arms other than the swan, then it is more appropriate to wear that badge.

If you have a coat of arms, this badge is replaced with your own crest and you are also entitled to wear a feather in your cap (Clan Chiefs get to wear three). 

Only the Chief or owner of the coat of arms is allowed to wear or display the crest without the strap and buckle.

Multiple Lindsay Badges

Due to the fact there were multiple coats of arms among the Lindsays, there were different crests and thus different badges worn by the various Lindsay lineages.

See the section "Lindsay Crests"  to view some of the more prevalent crests that have been used on the various Lindsay Arms.


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