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Ronald Gerald Lindsay


Lindsay* Genealogy

The endeavor that I started over 50 years ago, in researching my Lindsay family genealogy,  has become an increasingly important focus of my daily thinking.  The desire to reach some degree of completion with this work seems to have intensified as I entered the retirement phase of my life.  I am keenly aware that it appears no one else in my immediate family will ever place the same sense of value on all this family information as I do.  Thus, my goal is to publish the volumes of data on my family lineage that I have assembled over these 40 years. But, as always there are still a few stones yet to be turned before I send this book to press.

We are all fully aware that a thorough knowledge of our Lindsay genealogy is essential in order for us to gain the most value from our DNA testing.  DNA testing without a parallel understanding of the participant's genealogical descent is of little or no value.

Thus it is important that we provide a "storehouse of documented Lindsay* genealogical information", showing basic descent of the various lineages that have been DNA tested, representing an international gathering of Lindsays* .

The expectation for this site is to assemble as many Lindsay genealogical researchers as possible that represent the Lindsay family lineages, from around the world.  The purpose is to summarize the status of these Lindsay genealogies and to disseminate the basic reference points for the benefit of family members who wish to study these family pedigrees and pursue further research of their own Lindsay lineage.

Hopefully, the male descendants of these established Lindsay lineages will choose to participate in the International Lindsay Surname DNA Project in order to determine the proper placement of their specific Lindsay surname DNA haplotype in relationship with the others already tested.

You can learn more about the already defined Lindsay DNA haplotypes in the Lindsay DNA Project section of this web site.

If you have a Lindsay lineage that can be qualified with the appropriate primary source citations and would like to share it, send Joe Lindsey a note.  Note: Primary source citations include but are not limited to birth, death and marriage certificates, family bibles, wills and land records.

We would like to expect that many of the the world's Lindsay* lineages can be connected via traditional documented genealogical research with supporting proof coming from genetic DNA testing. 

You might wish to take a look at "The List" of Lindsay* Genealogical Researchers and see who is listed there and the specific Lindsay* lineage they are researching.  There is a great possibility that others are already researching your specific Lindsay* lineage and willing to share their genealogical knowledge with "new found" cousins.  Also, if you are a Lindsay researcher and not listed there, send me the necessary information and I will add you to "The List".

Lastly there is a list of "Lindsay* Genealogy Books" that might provide some help.  If you are aware of other books that have been published that deal with the Lindsay surname, please provide me with the details of this book and I will add it to the list with your name and e-mail address as the source.

The navigation bar on the upper left of your screen will take you to the Lindsay genealogical information sub-topics that are currently available at this web site.  


* It has been established that the use of the Lindsay surname, throughout this web site, implies all the accepted spellings of the surname found in the site Orthography section.  

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