Genealogy-DNA Forum
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Genealogy-DNA Forum

At their Genealogy-DNA site, RootsWeb hosts one of the most dynamic and informative forums that is on the Internet.  The subscribers represent a global community, composed of both laymen and professionals in the fields of molecular genetics, anthropology, and genealogy.  Regardless of the question you may have, there will be someone who will have the right answer and will give it freely.

The original volunteer List Administrator for this site was Dr. Ann Turner.  Ann should get the "Nobel Internet Forum Prize" (if there was such an honor) for her initiative and drive to make this forum what it is today.  Jim Bullock is the current forum administrator.

If you are interested in subscribing to this forum, simply click on the e-mail generator  , type the word SUBSCRIBE once on the subject line and once in the body of the note.   Press the SEND button and very shortly you will start seeing the various statements and questions, pertaining to basic genetics and genetic genealogy,  flowing from individuals around the world.  A great part of my genetic genealogy education has come from this fascinating group of people.

If you should desire to go back and read the posts that have appeared over the past several months on the Genealogy-DNA List, you can do so at the archives location.

If you have any interest in genetic genealogy,  you will enjoy this site and gain much knowledge along the way.


Ron Lindsay


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