Lindsay Emigrants
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Lindsay Immigrants to - Australia
Lindsay Immigrants to - Canada
Lindsay Immigrants to - Ireland
Lindsay Immigrants to - New Zealand
Lindsay Immigrants to - Scotland
Lindsay Immigrants to - United States

Ronald Gerald Lindsay


Lindsay Emigrants

This section will be utilized to list the Lindsay emigrants that departed from the seaports of Scotland, Ireland, and England and became immigrants of Australia, Canada, the Caribbean Islands, Ireland, New Zealand, Scotland and the United States.

Lindsay researchers with colonial ancestors must contend with the fact that no official records of arriving immigrants exist for the United States prior to 1820, nor prior to 1865 in Canada.

On the other hand, if the researcher can establish that an immigrant ancestor lived in or near a certain port of entry at a particular time, he/she may be able to establish the link across the Atlantic by utilizing the records of the vessels known to or likely to have transported passengers from Europe to other parts of the world during this given period of time.

If any Lindsay researcher has documentation to support the name (s) of any Lindsay emigrant and would like to share this information, e-mail Ron Lindsay with the details.

For each emigrant we will need to know the name (s) of the Lindsay passenger (s) as listed on the ship's manifest, name of the ship, the dates and ports of departure and arrival,  the name of the ship's captain and the primary source for this data along with the Internet location, if there is one, where this information was found.

In the case of most Scottish immigrants to Northern Ireland (Ulster Plantation) or the Republic of Ireland, no ocean-going emigrant ship will be involved for the most part.


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