DNA Group 9
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International Lindsay* DNA Group 9

"Albemarle Lindseys of North Carolina"

The defining term "Albemarle Lindseys of North Carolina" is used in an attempt to establish a basic origin geography for the founder of the composite DNA Group 9.  They further exhibit, uniquely amongst the Lindsay DNA Groups, SNP R-CTS4466, found primarily in the South of Ireland.  For more information on this SNP, visit their FTDNA Haplogroup Project .

The DNA Group 9 is currently a group of nine (10) participants.

Evelyn Lindsey Grevelle  is the Administrator for DNA Group 9 and can be reached via e-mail by clicking on Evelyn Grevelle.  Evelyn is a very knowledgeable researcher for this grouping of Lindseys and should be your first contact for questions pertaining to DNA Group 9 genealogy and in the determination of the Most Recent Common Ancestor (MRCA).

Click on DNA Data Spreadsheet to view the DNA marker values for the current participants of DNA Group 9.


DNA Group-09 Update, 29 January 2018

On 14 December 2017 veteran Y-26 tester L0082, ordered the Y-111 test from FTDNA. By way of review, DNA Group-09 identifies five distinct lines: the descendents of Dennis Lindsey born ca. 1690 who lived in Stafford County, Virginia (L0107, L0016, L0074, and L0146), the descendents of Jacob Riley Lindsey born 1813 in Buncombe, NC (L0058 and L0080), the descendents of Daniel Lindsey, born 1715 in Albemarle Co., NC (L0041), descendents of John Lindsay who died 1815 in Scioto Co., OH (L0259), and the descendents of Donald Lindsay who died 1765 in Argyle County, NY (L0082 and L0013).

L0259 (Scioto) did not previously qualify for Group-09 membership according to the strict criterion of Genetic Distance but was tentatively included because of his TiP-24 score which showed better than a 98% probability of a common Lindsay progenitor with L0107 within the past 24 generations. Additionally, L0259 exhibited some unusual STR allele values common with L0082.  Confirming a hypothesis based on those unusual values, L0259 now shows a Y-111 Genetic Distance of 7 from L0082 bringing him officially into Group-09 according to official criterion.

At GD=7, it cannot be concluded that L0259 descends from Argyle, NY, but his kinship is indisputably with this family, likely on the other side of the Atlantic. It is believed that these NY Lindsays sailed from Islay, and that they obtained lands as part of the Argyle Patent in New York. It is not known how long they were in Islay.  This connection should be of interest to L0259 research.


16 August 2010

Participants L0016 and L0074 have only one mismatching marker out of 43 markers.  Participant L0107 follows closely to L0074 with only one mismatching marker and with L0016 with two mismatching markers.  Participant L0146 follows closely to L0107 with one mismatching marker, two mismatching markers from L0074 and three from L0016.  These four individuals share a Most Recent Common Ancestor somewhere in the very near-term past.

Of significance here is the fact that Participant  L0041 is a proven descendant from the well documented Lindsey lineage that has been frequently referred to as the "Albemarle Lindseys of North Carolina".  It remains to be seen how far the profile/haplotype of participant L0041 has mutated from the "founders" of this Lindsey lineage.  It is becoming apparent that the MRCA for the DNA Group 9 exists  within the early branches of the Lindseys of Albemarle County, North Carolina  Nonetheless, as you can see, we are now factoring the mismatches for DNA Group 9 participants from the modal haplotype for DNA Group 9 which is different from that of L0041.  See specifically marker DYS390.

Also of significance is the fact that L0013, who is descended from Duncan Lindsay of Argyle, New York, and thus relates to the land owners of the Argyle Patent in the state of New York, which included one Duncan Lindsay.  The Argyle Patent was affiliated with many Scottish Presbyterian families.

Participant L0080 has a perfect match (43 out of 43 markers) with participant L0058.  Based on the genealogical record (names & geographies) and the perfect DNA match, it would appear that the ancestor, Timothy Lindsay (1814-1863) of participant L0058 and the ancestor, Jacob Riley Lindsay (1813-1897) of participant L0080, could be brothers.  We do not currently know the name of the father (s) of Timothy & Jacob Riley Lindsay.  It is believed that Timothy & Jacob Lindsay had brothers named George and Larkin Lindsey (1813-1885).  Hopefully these participants will pursue this possibility.

Participant L0082 has one (1) mismatching marker with participant L0013, based on the original 26 markers.  Based on the written genealogical records, it would appear that John Lindsay, born ca 1762 New York and died in 1846 in Canada, is the Most Recent Common Ancestor (MRCA) for participants L0013 & L0082.  Neither of these participants have tested for the 43 markers.

The name of the Most Recent Common Ancestor (MRCA) for many of these Lindsay/Lindsey lineages has not yet been proven, but the participants are currently researching the data for possible merge points.

If you have information, accompanied by the appropriate citations, that demonstrate how any of the Lindsay/Lindsey lineages of DNA Group 9 are connected, please contact the Group Administrator for DNA Group 9, Evelyn Grevelle


Reference Notes

  1. Proper Analysis of DYS389-1 & DYS389-2 Marker Mutations.

In analyzing the marker values in the table representing this DNA Group, it is important to remember the following in your analysis of loci DYS389-1 and DYS389-2 matches and mismatches.

  1. The loci DYS389-1 and DYS389-2 are two legitimate lengths of DNA but move in tandem.
  2. DYS389-1 refers to the length of only one portion of the DYS389 marker.
  3. DYS389-2 refers to the total length of the DYS389 marker. Therefore, when there is a one step mutation at DYS389-1, it will also appear to be in DYS389-2.
  4. When comparing one individual to another, if the values for two individuals differ by one repeat at DYS389-1, that represents a one-step mismatch.
  5. If the values for the same two individuals differ also by one repeat at DYS389-2, then it should only be counted as one combined mutation for DYS389-1 & DYS389-2.
  6. If the marker values for two individuals differ by one repeat mismatch at DYS389-1 and a two repeat mismatch at DYS389-2, then it should be counted as two separate mismatches or mutations.
  7. There is another and potentially even more confusing situation that could occur at marker DYS389. If the marker values for two individuals differ by one repeat mismatch at DYS389-1 and then a perfect match at DYS389-2 for these same two individuals. This should be counted as two separate marker mismatches since the value mismatch at DYS389-1 was offset by a mutation in the opposite "direction" from the value found at DYS389-2 and appears to cancel out the mutation that occurred at DYS389-1.
  8. However, keep in mind there can be a mutation at DYS389-2 that will not affect the length found at DYS389-1.

End of Reference Notes


Lindsay Code No.: L0013
Surname of Participant: Lindsay
Earliest Known Progenitor: Duncan Lindsay b. ? Scotland, d. 1785 Argyle, New York.
Lindsay Code No.: L0016 (known cousin with L0074)
Surname of Participant: Lindsey
Earliest Known Progenitor: John Warren Lindsey b. July 21, 1834 Lee County, Georgia, d. October 31, 1914 Houston County, Madrid, Alabama.  The father of John Warren Lindsey is believed to be William Lindsey b. ca 1790 Georgia.
Lindsay Code No.: L0041
Surname of Participant: Lindsay
Earliest Known Progenitor: Thomas Lindsey b. ca 1794, d. ca 1857, married Cordelia Barnard b. ca 1803, d. 1845.  This is known to be the lineage of the Albemarle Lindseys of North Carolina.
Lindsay Code No.: L0058
Surname of Participant: Lindsey
Earliest Known Progenitor: Timothy Lindsay b. July 8, 1814, d. October 25, 1863 Swain County, North Carolina, married Sept. 10, 1853 Mary Ann Boyd b. Sept. 1830, d. July 1917.   Timothy & Mary Ann had a son named William Riley Lindsay (1855 Macon County, NC - 1923 Swain County, NC).  After the generation of William Riley Lindsay, the surname changed to Lindsey for this lineage.
Lindsay Code No.: L0074 (known cousin with L0016)
Surname of Participant: Lindsey
Earliest Known Progenitor: John Warren Lindsey b. July 21, 1834 Lee County, Georgia, d. Oct. 31, 1914 Houston County, Madrid, Alabama, married (1) ?  (2) Emaline Shirley .  The father of John Warren Lindsey is believed to be William Lindsey b. ca 1790 and died 1853 Dooly County, Georgia.
Lindsay Code No.: L0080
Surname of Participant: Lindsay
Earliest Known Progenitor: Jacob Riley Lindsay b. Aug. 1813 Asheville, Buncombe County, NC, d. Feb. 5, 1897 Cherokee County, NC, married Jane O. Ridley, April 2, 1834 Franklin, Macon County, NC.
Lindsay Code No.: L0082
Surname of Participant: Lindsay
Earliest Known Progenitor: Donald Lindsay b. ca 1661 Scotland, d. 1765 Argyll, New York, married Mary McQuarrie, Isle of Islay, Scotland.  Donald & Mary migrated to the the United States in 1739 and received 350 acres in 1764 as a part of the Argyle Patent in the upper Hudson River country of New York state.  Donald & Mary had a son Duncan Lindsay b. ? Scotland, d. Argyle, NY.  Duncan Lindsay had a son named John Lindsay b. ca 1762 near Argyle, NY.
Lindsay Code No.: L0107
Surname of Participant: Lindsey
Earliest Known Progenitor: John Lindsey b. 1798 GA, d. 1870 Coffee County, Alabama, m. abt. 1815 to Susannah May.  Dennis Lindsey, found in Warren County, Georgia in the 1820 census is possibly the father of John Lindsey.
Lindsay Code No.:  L0146
Surname of Participant: Lindsey
Earliest Known Progenitor: Edward Lindsey b. ca 1805 GA, d. aft June 1880 Randolph/Clay County, GA, married Isabella Norwood in 1821 in Wilkinson County, GA.
Lindsay Code No.:  L0259
Surname of Participant: Lindsey
Earliest Known Progenitor: John Lindsey, d. 1815 Scioto Co., OH
* It has been established that the use of the Lindsay surname, throughout this web site, implies all the accepted different spellings of the surname found in the Orthography section.  
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