DNA Group 15
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International Lindsay* DNA Group 15

"Lindsays of Pennsylvania/Vermont/Quebec"

The defining term "Lindsays of Pennsylvania/Vermont/Quebec" is used in an attempt to establish a basic origin geography for the composite DNA Group 15.

The DNA Group 15 is currently a listing of three (3) participants representing three (3) distinct Lindsay lineages.

Click on DNA Data Spreadsheet to see the DNA marker values for the current participants of DNA Group 15

 Participant L0094 has three mismatching markers, out of 44 markers, with L0147.  The unusual three NULLS found in the haplotype of L0147 are not counted as mismatches.  L0094 and L0147 both have five allele values at marker DYS464.

All three of the Group 15 participants have the unusual fifth marker at DYS464e.  New Participant L0178 also has the even more unusual sixth marker at DYS464f and a third marker at DYS459c.

If you have any information that offers further clues, circumstantial, proven or otherwise, as to how any of these two Lindsay lineages are connected, please click on Ron Lindsay and send me an e-mail with your thoughts.


Lindsay Code No.:  L0094           
Surname of Participant: Lindsay
Earliest Known Progenitor: William Buckminster Lindsay, b. March 30, 1797 Caledonia County, Vermont, d. December 25, 1873 Bear lake County, Idaho, married Sarah Myers
Lindsay Code No.:  L0147           
Surname of Participant: Lindsay
Earliest Known Progenitor: John Lindsay, b. Jan 17, 1771, d. Aug. 29, 1839 Liverpool, Pennsylvania, married ?
Lindsay Code No.:  L0178           
Surname of Participant: Lindsay
Earliest Known Progenitor: Arnold Lindsay, b. 1795, d. 21 August 1862 Bromptonville, Quebec, Canada, m. Saray (Sarah) Brown of Concord, New Hampshire.  Arnold and Saray were the parents of eleven children.  DNA participant L0178 descended from their son, Lorenzo Dow Lindsay.
* It has been established that the use of the Lindsay surname, throughout this web site, implies all the accepted different spellings of the surname found in the Orthography section.  
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