Colonial America
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Earliest Known Lindsays - Colonial United States of America

The earliest known Lindsay to come to the colonial United States of America is thought to be one John Linsey.  This John Linsey was one of the 108 men who made up the first attempt to colonize Roanoke Island, Virginia in 1585.   This expedition was undertaken as a result of a charter from Queen Elizabeth to Sir Walter Raleigh.   Seven ships, commanded by Sir Richard Granville, sailed from Plymouth, England on April 9, 1585.   After stopovers at the Spanish West Indies, the expedition dropped anchor a short distance southeast of Roanoke Island on July 27, 1585.   The colony was established on the north end of Roanoke Island and Ralph Lane was made governor.   Soon thereafter, Sir Richard Granville returned to England for more supplies.   For a multitude of reasons, Granville was delayed in leaving England to re-supply the Roanoke colony.   Compounding the problems for the colonists was the fact that by June 1, 1586, they were at open war with the Indians.   On June 10, 1586, Sir Francis Drake and his fleet anchored in the port near Roanoke Island.   Drake offered passage back to England for the colonists.   Troubled by the unaccountable delay of Granville’s return with supplies, on June 18, 1586, Ralph Lane and his company of 107 men sailed with Drake back to England.   Historical documents indicate the 108 men of this first unsuccessful colony were expert in fortification.   Among them were brick makers, carpenters, thatchers and soldiers.   John Linsey was one of these men.   Whether he ever returned to the United States of America is not known.

The second attempt, by Sir Walter Raleigh and the English, to re-colonize Roanoke Island occurred on July 22, 1587 with the arrival of the first of 150 men.   This colony, as we all know, was discovered missing on August 17, 1590 and became the famous “Lost Colony.”   The permanent colony of Jamestown, Virginia was finally established in 1607.