The Clan Lindsay Society of Australia
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The Clan Lindsay Society of Australia

On June 1, 2002, The Clan Lindsay Society of Australia (CLSA) published their new web site (see below).  Check it out and give the webmaster & Management Board the much deserved feedback for a job well done.

Susan Cooke (nee Lindsay) is the current President of The Clan Lindsay Society of Australia (CLSA).  



The Clan Lindsay Society of Australia (CLSA) provides the Scottish heritage fabric for those of the Lindsay (how ever spelled) surname and septs for the country of Australia. 

The excellent web site for The Clan Lindsay Society of Australia can be found at   Along with information on the the history and officers of CLSA, the webmaster has provided easy access to their application for membership which is all that is needed to join in with all the other Lindsays (how ever spelled) and affiliated families of Australia in celebrating their Scottish heritage.

The acknowledged Chief of the Clan Lindsay Association USA, Inc., The Clan Lindsay Society of Australia, and The Clan Lindsay Society is the Honorable Earl of Crawford. The current 29th Earl of Crawford also has the title of 12th Earl of Balcarres. The family seat is at the Balcarres estate located in Colinsburgh, Fife, Scotland. Lord Crawford's ancestors have held this title since before 1143.  Lord Crawford is the premier Earl of Scotland and a Life Peer in the House of Lords. 

Although this web site does not officially represent The Clan Lindsay Society of Australia, those individuals that qualify are encouraged to apply for membership in one of the Lindsay organizations that formally exists in the world today and actively solicits eligible new members.



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