Books On Scottish Heraldry
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Reference Books On Scottish Heraldry & Clan History

The following list of source documents provide an extensive selection of books regarding the subject of heraldry and history of The Clan Lindsay.  The references originally posted here has been integrated with a more exhaustive listing that was provided in May 2005 by Chris Lindesay, Genealogist of the Clan Lindsay Society of Australia.  Our thanks to Chris for his efforts and his willingness to share this information with all Lindsays, how ever spelled.

Keep in mind that it was through heraldic bearings that UK historian, Beryl Platts, in the 1980s, reasonably proved that the Lindsays of Scotland descended from Flemish ancestors of nobility and not the Normans they were long thought to be.

The listing below is provided in alphabetical order according to the author's name.  If you are aware of other significant references that provide additional insight to the heraldry of the Lindesay/Lindsay/Lindsey surname, please send Ron Lindsay  a note with the details.

  1. ADAM, Frank, ed. Sir Thomas Innes of Learney, Clans, Septs and Regiments of the Scottish Highlands, 8th edition, Chapters XIII, XV, XVI, and List of Septs, pp. 554-570, Johnston and Bacon, 1970.
  2. BALFOUR PAUL, Sir James (1903)  An ordinary of arms contained in the public register of all arms and bearings in Scotland.  Lyon Office, Edinburgh, Vol I (1672-1903), 428pp.
  3. BALFOUR PAUL, Sir James (1977)  An ordinary of arms contained in the public registers of all arms and bearings in Scotland.  Lyon Office, Edinburgh, Vol II (1902-1973), 523pp.
  4. BARNES, Donald Roger (2004)  Armorial bearings of the surnames of Scotland.  Panther Incensed, Auckland, Vol I, 21pp.
  5. BEAUCLERK DEWAR, Peter (Ed) (2001) Burke’s Landed Gentry of Great Britain -Scotland, (19th edition), Burke’s Peerage (Genealogical Books) Ltd, Switzerland, Vol 1, 1484pp.
  6. BLACK, George F., The Surnames of Scotland, 1946.
  7. BURKE, Burke’s Peerage and Burke’s Landed Gentry, provides the genealogies of many Chiefs and landed families.
  8. BURNETT, Charles John & Mark D Dennis (1997) Scotland’s heraldic heritage. The lion rejoicing.  The Stationery Office Ltd, Edinburgh, 104pp.
  9. DENNIS, Mark (2002) Scottish heraldry: an invitation.  Heraldry Society of Scotland, Edinburgh, 24pp.
  10. FERGUSON, Joan P., Scottish Family Histories Held in Scottish Libraries,  Scottish Central Library, Edinburgh 1960 & revised edition compiled by Joan P. Ferguson assisted by Dennis Smith and Peter Wellburn, National Library of Scotland, Edinburgh 1986.
  11. FRANKLYN, Julian (1967) North of the border.  In Shield and crest. An account of the art and science of heraldry.  Macgibbon & Kee, London, p 309-338.
  12. FRIAR, Stephen and John Ferguson (2000) Basic heraldry.  The Herbert Press, London, 200pp.
  13. GAYRE, Robert of Gayre and Nigg, Heraldic Standards and other Ensigns,  Oliver & Boyd, 1959.
  14. GAYRE of Gayre & Nigg, Lt-Col. & Reinold Gayre (Eds) (1964)  Roll of Scottish arms. The Armorial, Edinburgh, Part I Vol I A-G, 177pp.
  15. GAYRE of Gayre & Nigg, Lt-Col. & Reinold Gayre (Eds) (1964)  Roll of Scottish arms. The Armorial, Edinburgh, Part I Vol II H-Z (1969), 422pp.
  16. GRANT, Francis J (1929) Manual of heraldry.  John Grant, Edinburgh, 142pp.
  17. INNES, Sir Thomas of Learney (1956) Scots heraldry.  A practical handbook on the historical principles and modern application of the art and science.  Oliver and Boyd, Edinburgh, 258pp.
  18. INNES, Sir Thomas of Learney (1978) Scots heraldry.  Revised by Malcolm R Innes of Edingight.  Johnston & Bacon, Edinburgh, 131pp.
  19. INNES-SMITH, Robert (1980) An outline of heraldry in England and Scotland.  Pilgrim Press Ltd, Derby, 24pp.
  20. LOUDA, Jiri & Michael Maclagan (1981) Lines of succession. Heraldry of the royal families of Europe.  Macdonald Illustrated, London, 308pp.
  21. MACKENZIE, Sir George of Rose Hall (1680) The science of heraldry.
  22. MacKINNON, Charles of Dunakin (1966) The observer’s book of heraldry.  Frederick Warne & Co Ltd, London, 150pp.
  23. MAIDMENT, J (ed) (1834) Analecta Scotica, Edinburgh.
  24. MONCREIFFE, Iain of Easter Moncreiffe & Don Pottinger (1965) Simple heraldry cheerfully illustrated.  Thomas Nelson and Sons Ltd, London, 64pp.
  25. MONCREIFFE, Sir Iain and Don Pottinger (1998) Collins Scotland of Old.  Clan Names Map.  Harper Collins Publishers Ltd, London.
  26. MONCREIFFE, Sir Iain of that Ilk, The Highland Clans, Barrie & Rockliff, 1967.
  27. MOSLEY, Charles (Ed) (1998) Burke’s Peerage & Baronetage, (106th edition), Burke’s Peerage (Genealogical Books) Ltd, Switzerland, 2 volumes.
  28. NISBET, Alexander (1722/1816) A system of heraldry. Speculative and practical, with the true art of blazon.  T & A Constable, Edinburgh.  Volume I (440pp), Volume II (649pp), reprinted 1984.
  29. PLATTS, Beryl (1980) Origins of heraldry,  Procter Press, London, 112pp.
  30. PLATTS, Beryl (1985) Scottish hazard. The Flemish nobility and their impact on Scotland.  Proctor Press, London, Vol 1, 191pp.
  31. PLATTS, Beryl (1990) Scottish hazard. The Flemish heritage.  Proctor Press, London, Vol 2, 155pp.
  32. SETON, George (1863) The law and practice of heraldry in Scotland.  Edmonston and Douglas, Edinburgh, 548pp.
  33. SLATER, Stephen (2002) The complete book of heraldry.  An international history of heraldry and its contemporary uses.  Lorenx Books, London, 238pp.
  34. SLATER, Stephen (2004) The history and meaning of heraldry.  An illustrated reference to classic symbols and their relevance.  Southwater, Anness Publishing Ltd, London, 128pp.
  35. STEVENSON, John Horn (1914) Heraldry in Scotland.  James Maclehose and Sons, Glasgow, in 2 Vols, 514pp.
  36. STODART, Robert Riddle (1881) Scottish arms being a collection of armorial bearings AD 1370-1678 reproduced in facsimile from contemporary manuscripts with heraldic and genealogical notes.  William Paterson, Edinburgh, 2 Volumes, 425pp plus 126 illustrations.
  37. STUART, Margaret & Sir James Balfour Paul, Scottish Family History, Oliver & Boyd, 1930,  Introduction regarding nature, form and sources for family histories, useful to both inquirers and family historians, and Index of published Family Histories to 1928.
  38. WAY, George of Plean and Romilly SquireScottish, Clan & Family Encyclopedia,  Harper Collins, 1994.

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