Alexander Dunlop Lindsay
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Alexander Dunlop Lindsay

Alexander Dunlop Lindsay, 1st Baron Lindsay of Birker (1879-1952), was a noted political philosopher and first Principal of the University College of North Staffordshire which later became Keele University.  A student hall of residence, Lindsay Hall, was named after the founding Principal of the college. 

Alexander Dunlop Lindsay was born 14 May 1879 and died 18 Mar 1952.  He was created 1st Baron of the Barony of Lindsay of Birker of Low Ground on 13 November 1945.  His son, Michael Francis Morris Lindsay (1909 Feb 24 - 1994 Feb 13), became the 2nd Baron Lindsay of Birker.  Michael's son James Francis Lindsay (b.29 Jan.1945) is the current 3rd Baron Lindsay of Birker.   Alexander Dunlop Lindsay descended from the lineage of the Rev. Alexander Lindsay (born late 1700s), of the Relief Church of Lesmahagow, Lanarkshire, Scotland.  The Rev. Alexander Lindsay became the first minister of the Relief Church 22 May 1838.

Alexander Dunlop Lindsay married Erica Violet Storr, third daughter of Francis & Rose Storr (nee Lloyd). 

Alexander Dunlop Lindsay is pictured at the right.  The photo below was taken at the official opening of Keele University.  Alexander Dunlop Lindsay is on the right of this photo with HRH Queen Elizabeth (the late Queen Mother) in the center, receiving a bouquet of flowers from Tessa Lindsay, granddaughter of Alexander Dunlop Lindsay. 

Both of these photos were provided to Lindsay International in August 2002, by the granddaughter of Alexander Dunlop Lindsay.  Our thanks to Tessa Lindsay Smith for sharing her photos and  memories of her grandfather with us.

The papers of Alexander Dunlop Lindsay, have been presented to Keele University by Lord Lindsay's daughter, Lady Drusilla Scott.  The family papers include correspondence (some of it from India) during the second half of the nineteenth century, journals, albums of photographs, notebooks and some printed matter.  The majority of the later material relates to Lord Lindsay and includes letters, copy letters, memoranda, lectures, sermons, diaries, articles (including printed broadcasts) and newspaper cuttings. 

As a further tribute, the Lindsay String Quartet which has established itself as one of the world's foremost string quartets, took its name in honor of Lord Lindsay, Vice Chancellor of Keele University where the quartet was first resident.  Its interpretations are rooted in the European tradition of great quartet-playing, handed down by such as the Busch and Vegh Quartets.  The intensity, spontaneity and communicative power of The Lindsay String Quartet’s performances have made them favorites with audiences throughout the world.  none of the members of the quartet are of Lindsay ancestry. 

Some of the literary works authored by Alexander Dunlop Lindsay were; 

  1. The Philosophy of Bergson, 1911.  A.D. Lindsay’s lectures on the philosophy of Henri Bergson (1859-1941) while he was the Jowett lecturer at Balliol College, Oxford.
  2. The International Crisis: The Theory Of The State; Lectures Delivered In February And March 1916, / by Louise Creighton, W. R. Sorley, J. S. Mackenzie, A. D. Lindsay, H. Rashdall, Hilda D. Oakeley, under the scheme for imperial studies in the University of London at Bedford College for Women, with an opening address by Viscount Bryce.   Pub info. London, New York [etc.] H. Milford, Oxford University Press, 1916.
  3. A New Theory Of Vision And Other Select Philosophical Writings, 1910.  Introduction by A. D. Lindsay.  An essay towards a new theory of vision.--A treatise concerning the principles of human knowledge.--Three dialogues between Hylas and Philonous in opposition to skeptics and atheists.
  4. Religion, Science, And Society In The Modern World,  New Haven, Yale University Press; London, H. Milford, Oxford University Press, 1943.
  5. The Modern Democratic State, 1943.  Issued under the auspices of the Royal Institute of International Affairs.

Books By Other Family Members

  1. "A History of the Reformation", by Thomas M. Lindsay in 1907.  Thomas M. Lindsay was Principal, The United Free Church College, Glasgow.

  2. Daughter, Drusilla Lindsay Scott has written the book “A.D. Lindsay a biography”, with chapters also by Thomas Lindsay and Dorothy Mary Emmet (1904 -  ?);  Oxford Blackwell 1971.

  3. Michael Francis Maurice Lindsay, son of A. D. Lindsay, was teaching at Yenching University in Beijing, China in the 1930's.  Michael Lindsay, 2nd Baron of Birker (1952), met and married Hsiao Li in June 1941.  With the advent of World War II, Michael and Hsiao became a part of the Chinese guerrilla underground, fighting the Japanese invasion of China.  Hsiao Li Lindsay wrote a wonderful book of these war years and her marriage with Michael Lindsay, in 1947, in English, and has now (2006) published it.  The title of this book is "Bold Plum" and can be purchased at   See the Bold Plum web site for more details.


The genealogy of Alexander Dunlop Lindsay (ancestors & descendants) can be found at ...  click here.

The DNA results for this Lindsay lineage can be found by clicking on DNA Group 16 .

If there are those who have more in-depth information on the life and genealogy of Alexander Dunlop Lindsay and would care to share this knowledge, send an e-mail to  Ron Lindsay


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