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Although the ancient Scottish surname of Affleck is believed to be a derivative of the Flemish surname of Afflighen, the Affleck surname is believed to be of two origins in Scotland.  The first is from the barony of Auchinleck in Ayrshire, Scotland and the second is from Affleck in Angus, Scotland.

John of Aghelek, who existed in the year 1306, is the first recorded of this surname in Angus .  It was the Angus Afflecks who were the hereditary armour bearers to the Earls of Crawford.

In a letter received June 10, 2003, by Teresa Bostle, President of the Clan Lindsay Society of Australia, from the 29th Earl of Crawford, he had this to say about the Afflecks.

Quote:  "The close and much trusted relationship between our two families was very long standing.  In the 12th century the first Affleck arrived in Scotland.  His name is a Scottish corruption of Afflighen in Flanders.  Afflighen is very close to Alost where the forebears of the Lindsays, the Counts of Alost held sway.  They were hereditary standard-bearers to the Counts of Alost.  It seems almost a logical progression that this long standing trusted relationship between the two families should mean that the Afflecks became hereditary armour bearers in Scotland.
Afflecks served in the Councils of the Earls of Crawford - and when the present magnificent Affleck castle was built (15th century) it was under the superiority of the Lindsays and its boundaries were renewed in 1459 by the Earl of Crawford."
  End of Quote.

We thank Teresa Bostle for sharing this bit of knowledge, with those of the Afflighen / Affleck surname and the International Lindsay community.

1Source: History and Traditions of the Land of the Lindsays in Angus and Mearns by Jervise, Edinburgh 1882.  

Affleck Orthography*

1.   Achenlek 13. Aghelek 25. Auchenleck 37. Auchynflek
2.   Achinfleck 14. Aghleke 26. Auchenlek 38. Auchynlek
3.   Achinlek 15. Aghynlek 27. Auchimlek 39. Authinlect
4.   Achithelege 16. Aithinleik 28. Auchinlec 40. Authinlek
5.   Achlec 17. Aquinlek 29. Auchinlech 41. Auuynlec
6.   Achleck 18. Athelek 30. Auchinleck 42. Avthinlect
7.   Achlek 19. Athinkel 31. Auchinlek 43. Awchinlecke
8.   Achtinlek 20. Athinleik 32. Auchinlok 44. Awchlek
9.   Achynlek 21. Athinlek 33. Auchlec 45. Awqwhynleke
10. Affleck 22. Athlek 34. Auchleck 46. Efflek
11. Afflect 23. Athlyk 35. Auchlek 47. Haghenlek
12. Aflek 24. Athynlek  36. Auchtlek 48. Hauchynlek

*Source:  The Surnames of Scotland, Their Origin, Meaning, and History, by George F. Black, copyright The New York Public Library 1946, current edition published in 1993 by Birlinn Limited, Edinburgh, Scotland.

If there are those who have more details on the origin of the Afflighen / Affleck surname and wish to share it, send a note to Joe Lindsey with details.


If you wish to get more information regarding participation in the Affleck Surname DNA Project, click on this link.