Ronald Gerald Lindsay passed away Monday February 12 surrounded by his loving family at his home in San Jose, CA.

Ron was born at home in Mt. Olive, NC, the sixth of eight children and first of twin sons of Addest Lutrell and Mary Margie Baggett Lindsay. He graduated from Mt. Olive High School and then NC State University, graduating with a BS/ME. He had a distinguished 30-year career with IBM in Raleigh, NC.

Ron’s lifelong passion was chronicling his family history and documenting their genealogy. He’d just published a beautiful 881-page Lindsay family genealogy book last year (The Lindsays of Goshen), a legacy that will be treasured for generations to come. He built an international Lindsay surname web site and started the Lindsay DNA project.

Friendly and outgoing, Ron was a natural leader, taking an active role in Clan Lindsay USA (president from 1990-1994) and the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at Santa Clara University in Santa Clara, CA. He loved history, philosophy, traveling, and time spent with friends.

Ron is survived by his loving wife, Carol; children Donna Jean (Dan) Thompson of Decatur, IN, Ron, Jr (Debbie) of Raleigh, NC, and by his loving step-children Thom Hill of Ventura, Ca, and Lisa Hill-Pierce (Brendan) of San Jose and collectively, 10 grandchildren and one great-grandchild. Ron was predeceased by his first wife, Norma Jean Hunnicutt of Raleigh. He is also survived by his twin brother Donald (Audrey) of Mt. Olive, NC, brother Harold (Faye) of Kinston, NC, and brother Carroll of VA Beach, VA. He leaves a big hole in our lives. In lieu of flowers please make donations to your local PBS or NPR stations.


I received word yesterday that Ron Lindsay of San Jose, CA passed away on Monday 12 February 2018.

Ron was the founder, architect and shepherd of the Lindsay International Surname DNA Project which dates back nearly 20 years. After working with a succession of Labs, he found us a long-term home with FTDNA, and hospitality from Cyndi Rutledge who had established an FTDNA Surname Project for Lindsays of any spelling.

Ron effected a very promising transfer of leadership to myself, Joseph F. Lindsey. It began last Spring as a matter of routine succession planning but was accelerated in August when he got his diagnosis.

You can expect little change in project administration. The Lindsay International website (www.clanlindsay.com) is being brought up to date and will undergo some modernization.

Ron poured so much of his heart into this work. Let us remember him, and carry on optimistically with the pursuit of the elusive MRCA.

Joe Lindsey


How very sad. We will always remember with great joy, his charm and enthusiasm and the pleasure his visits to Lunga gave us. I wish you very well with the important project. You can always rely on me for any help I may be able to give. We will toast his memory as well. Aye, Colin.


I feel so sad to hear this news. He started a great project that hopefully will live on.  Kristi 


That is the saddest news I ever wanted to hear. It brings tears to my eyes. Ron was my guide, my mentor, one of the most interesting and thoughtful people I have ever known. My heart goes out to Carol.    Gord


Joe, I believe that you and Ron had developed a special relationship through your mutual "Lindsay Project" activities. Ron was my first intro to this work.   My condolences to you and Ron's Family.    Dexter


So sad! Do you have an address that we can send a card or memorial? 
Pat Lindsay Towns


Thank you for informing us Joe.  Ron is dearly missed as Brother to us all.
We each continue to search for our ECA (Earliest Common Ancestor), Ron was another kind of Earliest Connection between the family that is Lindsey DNA.       Craig




I am very sorry to hear this. I suppose you grew to know him more than any of us so this news must have hit you especially hard. I have a grasp of the implications with regard to you and the project going forward, so you must be feeling a bit overwhelmed, but also…. ???       Grant

Fellow Lindsay’s, so sad to hear the news of Ron Lindsay’s passing. He first challenged me about 8 years ago on my lineage as a cousin to Ken Lindsay as I’m an “ey”. The connection was proven and I thank him for his help and invitation in trying to fit in this group.   Kathy Lindsey Miller


I'm so deeply sorry to hear that, Joe. Thank you for telling me. And also for taking up the good work he began —   William D. Lindsey

I am really sorry to hear that Ron passed away. He was so helpful to all who wanted to know more about their Lindsay/Lindsey heritage... Evelyn


Ron was always focused on the task. Not only was he concerned about his own genealogy, but that of Lindsays (however spelled) everywhere. His presence has been missed already, his insights will be absent us going forward. As a guy with a lower DNA participation than Ron, obviously we go back a long way. He did everything he could to help me and I know Gord feels the same way. Rest in peace my friend, and if there is any way to send us some hints from up there, there are a few brick walls down here that need fixing. Godspeed.    John William Lindsay  


Joe,  Just read that Ron Lindsay passed away, through the bulk email that was released.   I am so sorry. He emailed me a few months ago about his condition, but I did not think is was going to happen so fast.   I am being comforted by the fact that in the last few years Ron and I had a very good correspondence and I was able to help him with the Lindsay DNA Project.
Please convey to his family my deepest condolences.
May his soul rest in peace.          Max



We will all miss Ron. A lot. The energy, dedication and talent he poured into Lindsay DNA was extraordinary. As a Lindsey Group 3 cousin and fellow researcher, I will miss communicating with Ron regularly.  Glad to hear that he had succession planning underway. Thank you, Joseph (or is it Joe?) for having the courage and energy required to step into Ron's big shoes.  I will be happy to help you any way I can. I have no talent whatsoever for anything involving website technology, but I’m a pretty decent researcher.   Thanks for passing on the sad news.       

Best regards,    Robin

Thank you for informing me. I am sorry to hear of Ron's passing and grateful for all he did for the Lindsey Project. Thank you for taking the lead for this project. We will appreciate all you do as well.    Phyllis Lindsey Lewis


I am sorry to hear of Ron’s passing ad look forward to getting to know you. ......  Take care Kelly


Oh, this makes me so sad! Thanks for letting us know.      Cyndi in Baltimore


Thanks for the update. I appreciate all of his and now your work on my families behalf. My test showed that I don’t match a line. Although we have a number of Lindsay’s in Canada. So I will need to get another person tested in my line to create a new family dna line. It still has to be a man correct? Thanks in advance.    J. Lindsay


A very sad day indeed!
My condolences to his family!
He will be missed! [sad face emoticon]   L0291


Thank you for sending. Very sorry to hear.   Bruce Lindsey


I'm so sorry to hear of this loss. He was a wonderful blessing to all interested in Lindsey genealogy.   Gp17


Joe, thanks for his wife's address. I am sorry to hear about our collective loss, but of course hers is much greater...
One thing I do know is that you will continue the work he started, which has meant so much to all of us, and to so many more.

Margaret Lindsey Smith (Group 8)


Thanks for the letting us know Joe. Is there some way we as a group 
can acknowledge his sad departure?    Martin



Joe,   Thanks for your note on Ron's passing. He really was a big help and a major encourager to me early on.... Glen Lindsey


So sorry to hear this. I have not been active for some time now 

Thank you, Judy Chadwick


This man was truly the founder of the Lindsay DNA project.   Doug


Thanks Nigel and Joe. Scott rang us last night too. 

It is very sad news. Ron was such an enthusiast for the Clan and our ancestry and contributed so much to our knowledge.

I was devastated when Ron told me last year of his illness when I sent him a copy of my book in which he had kept an interest in its progress and contributed his wisdom. I am so glad that we had the opportunity to meet 
at the Gathering events of 2009 in Edinburgh and Balcarres.

He will be greatly missed by us all.  Our hearts go out to Carole at this time.

John and Anne.


Good Morning Joe,

I was sure sorry to hear about Ron's death. I wish I would have been able to meet him before he passed.

Robin Willis is thinking of writing an "in memoriam" about Ron in her blog. Do you by chance have a copy of his obituary?

Best of success in moving the Lindsay Clan forward.



Dear Joe,  Thanks for letting me know. I was hoping it would not be so soon, but perhaps it is a blessing if he was in pain.

Sorry for not getting back sooner but we are just back from a funeral on the Island of North Uist in the Outer Hebrides where Mary Rose's family belong. Her Aunt died on the same day as Ron.

I have a lot to catch up on now that I am home. I'll write to you again very soon. I am sending an e-mail round the Society Members to let them know. I have been in contact with Nigel who also got your message. Please pass on our condolences to Carol. We will write to her separately. Has the funeral taken place yet?

Kindest regards,      Diarmid


Dear All

I'm very sorry to have to pass on the message that Ron passed away on Monday 12th February following his prolonged illness, suffering from cancer.

Joe Lindsey, who was at our Gathering in September, is carrying on Ron's work with the DNA project and up-keep of the website. He asked me to let you know the position and no doubt those who knew Ron will wish to pass on their sympathy to his wife Carol.

Perhaps the Society should send our condolences to Carol? I will also let both Robin and Jamie know the news as they were both regular correspondents with Ron.

Joe has posted some information on the website which you may wish to access by following this link:-     http://www.clanlindsay.com/news.htm

I have written to Joe and he has replied that there is no funeral date set yet but "I expect a West Coast funeral and another memorial service in his beloved North Carolina".

Kindest regards,   Diarmid


Joe, I was saddened to hear about Ron's death but relieved to hear you are taking over the WEBB site. I see you are already an administrator for the FTDNA Lindsay/Lindsay project so that is covered. If there is anything I can do to help please call on me. Thanks for keeping us informed and I intend to keep you updated on Group 14's activities. . . G. Alan Lindsay 


I am very sorry to hear of Ron's passing. He was the gentlemen of gentlemen. Always helping and pointing the way for all. His dream of building the Lindsay International Surname website is a great success, in his lifetime and long into the future. I wish his family and friends well. I will miss him greatly. Daniel C Lindsey, Group 1 


Joe,   Ron's passing is indeed a great loss to our group. For his creation of the International Lindsay Surname DNA project and his always insightful analysis, we owe him much. We will miss him. I hope we can keep alive what he built.   Carol Warner


Dear Joe, and Lindsay Group Leaders,

We will all remember Ron for his inspired leadership, and for the generous time and support that he has provided to all of us. Ron advised me on research methods and proper documentation of primary source materials. When we discovered that the Group 7 DNA and written records demonstrated that we were not related to the "mainstream" Lindsays, Ron mentored our group and participated in forums, working to determine exactly who we were, the Isles Group?, the Picts?, the aborigines of Scotland? With his guidance, I gained the confidence to publish an article on our efforts in a Scottish heritage journal, and later to provide a presentation at college symposium.    We will miss him.

Alan Lindsay Berry, Group 7


Dear Joseph,   Thank you very much for the below mail, we are sad to hear that Ron Lindsey has passed away. Our deep condolences to you and all the Clan & family members.

His contribution has been remarkable for the Lindsay DNA project and we are truly thankful for having been able to see his achievements in this area. And without any hesitation, we would be grateful to be able to continue the DNA journey with you and the Clan Lindsay. If there is anything we can do, please let us know. And looking forward to cooperate with you.

Yours Sincerely,    Irma